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COVID-19 Related Bumper Stickers Just In

Order one of our new, timely COVID-19-related bumper stickers. The first is particularly relevant for Nova Scotians: Premier Stephen McNeil Says “Stay the Blazes Home”. The second applies to just about anyone in our stay-at-home world today: I am tired of “Being at Home”. Stickers can be affixed to cars, boats, ATVs – or laptop cases, lunch boxes, the front of your house. The possible applications are limited only by your imagination! They are 3″ X 10″ in size and made of high-quality vinyl with strong adhesive backing. They are water and weather-resistant and won’t fade over time. The price is only $4 each (HST included). Safe pickup can be arranged at our location in Smiths Cove, Nova Scotia, or shipping is available (shipping and handling charges extra but are approximately $2.50). Payment by cash at our location, PayPal or Interac e-transfer. Arrangements are best made by email:

  • COV100 Premier Stephen McNeil says “Stay the Blazes Home”
  • COV101 I am tired of “Being at Home”

Please reference the item number(s) when ordering, either by using our order form or by email. Email address is