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Decals 2″ X 3″ Full Colour and Clear

Our 2″ X 3″ full-color vinyl decals portray vibrant photographs of local Nova Scotia places. As well, we offer a clear, transparent 2″ X 3″ decal for pet lovers. They are designed to be placed inside a window. The adhesive is medium strength so that the decal can be removed at a later date. Decals are small in size but speak volumes. Only $1.50 each (HST included). Payment by PayPal, Interac or cash (the latter only at our location). We can make arrangements for pickup at our location or for shipping. (Shipping and handling extra are extra – approximately $1.00.) Arrangements are best made by email, although you can also fill out our order form to get an idea of the total price. Our email address is

  • DF100 Nova Scotia
  • DF101 Bear River, NS
  • DF102 Digby, NS
  • DT100 Love Me Pets

Please reference the item number when ordering, either by using our order form or by email. Email to