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Decals 2″ X 4″ Clear Residency

Decals are an inexpensive and unobtrusive way to get a message across or accomplish a goal. These clear, transparent residency decals are meant to be affixed inside a window for viewing from the outside. Using medium-strength adhesive, they can be removed easily at a later date if your situation changes. We currently have on stock two residency stickers: Resident of Digby County, NS and Resident of Annapolis County. We can custom-design stickers with different locales, but minimum orders will apply. Only $1.50 each (HST included). Payment by PayPal, Interac or cash (the latter only at our location). We can make arrangements for pickup at our location or for shipping. (Shipping and handling extra are extra – approximately $1.00.) Arrangements are best made by email, although you can also fill out our order form to get an idea of the total price. Our email address is

  • CD100 Resident of Digby County, NS
  • CD101 Resident of Annapolis County

Please specify item number on order form or by email. Our email address is