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Funny Bumper Stickers

Everyone enjoys a laugh, and bumper stickers are a great way to share one with friends and strangers alike. These bumper stickers are 3″ X 10″ in size and made of high-quality vinyl with strong adhesive backing. They are water-resistant and hold up well in all kinds of weather without fading. Stickers can be affixed to cars, boats, ATVs – or laptop cases, lunch boxes, the front of your house. The possible applications are limited only by your imagination! Price is $4 each (HST included). Payment by PayPal, Interac or cash (the latter only at our location). We can make arrangements for pickup at our location or for shipping. (Shipping and handling extra are extra – approximately $2.50.) Arrangements are best made by email, although you can also fill out our order form to get an idea of the total price. Our email address is

  • F100 Weatherman is like a Politician. They are both Liars.
  • F101 Beware of Owner
  • F102 I Suck At Parking
  • F103 Donald Duck for Prime Minister
  • F104 I’d Rather Be Camping
  • F105 Caution Senior Driver

Please note the item number(s) on the order form or by email. Our email address is